Founders – Jay & Anita Sherley

Jay and Anita Sherley are people passionate about community. Jay is part owner at Capital Sports and Anita works as a real estate broker with Big Sky Brokers. Over the years they have been involved in their community in many aspects: serving on the Fairground board, running the Stampede rodeo, as Elders at Mount Helena Community Church, organizing monthly YAP (Young Adult People) gatherings and events, working at Food Share, and as coaching staff for kids. But their biggest passion within the city is young adults. Over the last two decades, they have invited many young people in need of a place to live into their home. Convinced that when a young person comes to understand their value, purpose, and belonging, they are empowered to strive toward a powerful, positive and dynamic life style that changes legacies and the communities they live in, Jay and Anita founded Life Houses, Inc. in 2008. Life Houses now meets an important need in the Helena community, as a non-profit that provides young adults homes that are safe, positive and develop leadership. A home where they are valued, have a purpose, and belong to a family.

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