Provide a safe living environment for young adults designed to foster emotional, social, and spiritual growth

Joint us this holiday season in give the gift of hope. Your support will help ensure we can continue to provide a safe place, support, and resources for hope to be discovered, to grow, and to be shared.

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Imagine spending the formative part of your young adulthood in a safe environment where you are mentored, strengthened, and allowed to grow into the person you want to be. A place where you have an outer circle of loving people who speak truth into your life. A place where you are challenged to serve and commit to living with integrity and purpose.

Help Us Find Housing!

Safe housing is a primary component of our program. As we try and grow our program to support young women in our community, we need to find a house.

If you have or know of a rental house opportunity, please connect with us HERE.

Watch this short video to hear Anita Sherley, one of Life Houses' founders, speak about the mission of the organization.