Life Houses has provided me a family/support system that I’ve never experienced before. I have life long friendships and mentors now! I only dreamed of relationships life this! Life Houses has enriched my existence beyond anything that I had previously known. – Jennifer Leonard, resident.

Are you struggling to find purpose? Are you couch surfing? Are you entering a higher education program and looking for stable housing? Do you have a history of addiction? Are you missing out on community? Did you or are you aging out of foster care? Are you entering a new season of your life and needing support?

Life Houses is a faith-based non-profit organization that supports young adults ages 18-29 who are coming from all of life’s various circumstances.  Our young adults have a willingness to work with influencers who speak truth and help build foundations for success.  While living in Life Houses guys house or  girls house, young adults uncover their strengths, develop life-long friendships, and create their own futures through presence and purpose.

If you or someone you know is interested in living with Life Houses please email us at or call (406) 459-5250. Click below for an application and policy handbook for Life Houses.

Application for Life Houses Residency

Life Houses Handbook 2020